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Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm EST
this weekend. it's even colder, coming up. >> thanks, doug. >>> something incredible in russia. a meteor traveling thousands of miles an hour. they say it was 20 miles every second and created a sonic blast, shattered glass, injured hundreds of people. it happened as a much larger asteroid passed by our planet later in the day. nbc's duncan golestoni has the report. >> reporter: astonishing pictures showing the meteorite streaking across the early morning size, the size constituented to be about 10 tons and the speed 33,000 miles per hour. it was seen and felt on the ground as wointsds shattered as the roof of a factory collapsed. all that damage thought to be caused by the sonic boom. >> much smaller meteorites. they happened -- they happen hundreds of times every year, but only several times a year are they actually seen to fall by people, and very rarely do they do any damage. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 people have been injured, mostly hurt by flying glass. the meteor hit on the same day that an asteroid named 2012-da-14 makes the closest recorded path of an asteroid to earth, closer t
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
from the winter olympics in russia. coming [ male announcer ] want to make a great car interior? stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪ >>> a dangerous rescue along a south florida overpass. a delivery truck got struck dangling over interstate 95 in fort lauderdale. a passenger dm that truck was killed. rescuers were able to reach the driver. he was treated for minor injuries and released. they are checking ramps at the crash site to make sure they are safe. >>> the boy scouts are delaying a vote on allowing gay leaders to join the organization. they are facing pressure from conservative groups over a decision. the boy scouts leadership says it needs more time to review the policies of its membership. if t
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >>> olympic gold medalist lindsey vonn might not be ready to compete until russia. after a horrific looking accident on the slopes today. the crash puts her olympic hopes in jeopardy. vonn competing in the alpine world championships in austria. she comes off a jump and lands awkwardly on her right knee and then she goes down. it doesn't look good. afterwards it was announced vonn tore both her acl and mcl as well as fracturing a bone in her leg. pans and fellow skiers in absolute shock. vonn airlifted there the course to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries. vonn's sponsor red bull recently hired extra security because of a rumored relationship with tiger woods. she has been in the news a lot lately. let's hit the healllie pad. could the super bowl blackout been prevented? superdome officials were barned of potential power failure in october. they spent over a half a million bucks thinking they fixed the problem. blackout still being investigated. >>> world peace. striving for. but today world peace was suspended. well, we are talking about the lakers forward for grabbing brandon
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
nations for not doing more to end the killings. russia and china vetoed three u.s. backed resolutions to sanction the syrian government. >>> pope benedict xvi will mark ash wednesday, tomorrow, with a mass. it might be his last one as the pope. he plans to step down, of course, in about two weeks. the pope blamed frail health but there are still many questions about his decision. vatican officials disclosed today the pope had a pacemaker implanted ten years ago when he was still a cardinal. they also clarified that the pope will not be involved in the conclave that will let his success dash elect his successor. officials expect to announce the timing of the conclave and say by the end of the week. >>> doug is here with more on our weather after this spectacular day we had today. it is almost impossible to imagine we can have snow tomorrow. >> even for a meteorologis it is almost impossible to imagine snow on a day after 60 degrees. that's pretty much what we have. we have the forecast that's just too warm for most of us to get any significant snow out of this storm. it was looking goo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4